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Changing Eating Habits Through Behavioral Therapy


Many eat a lot to alleviate negative emotions like tension, boredom, or anxiety or even to extend positive ones like happiness.

Short-term relief is possible, but using food as a crutch for a mental illness almost always ends in regret and guilt and may even exacerbate the original problem.

Putting on too many extra pounds can damage your self-esteem and have additional unfavorable health consequences, including higher-than-average glucose, cholesterol, or blood pressure levels.

Cognitive behavioral treatment provided by a behavioral health provider can change how you think and do about food. It aids in identifying negative thought patterns that may sabotage your efforts to adopt a healthy diet and manage or lose weight. It also facilitates the development and use of helpful “coping self-statements.”

Moreover, as a method for dealing with stress, it also teaches patients how to divert their attention elsewhere by engaging in more physically beneficial activities instead of eating.

In this way, you can rein in your eating habits, prevent binging, and maintain a healthy weight if you learn to make more healthful decisions with greater awareness with the help of our behavioral health services in Phoenix, Arizona.

At Amani Behavioral Health Services LLC, we provide practical and safe mental health services in Arizona to help you overcome your poor eating habits and other mental health issues you may have. Contact us today for more information!

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