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Commonly Overlooked Symptoms of Depression in Adults


Some individuals with depression may hide their mental illness while some may not even realize they are depressed. While the typical signs of depression-like hopelessness or sadness are easy to recognize, there are subtler symptoms.

As a provider of mental health services in Arizona, we will share the most commonly overlooked symptoms of depression:

  • Changes in sleep habits
    Lack of proper sleep can contribute to depression while depression itself can make it harder to sleep at night. Research suggests that chronic sleep deprivation may also lead to depression due to neurochemical changes in the brain. This can result in fatigue which affects a person’s mood.
  • Forced happiness
    A person who is aware they may be depressed may try to hide their symptoms instead of seeking help from a behavioral health provider. Forced happiness or hidden depression happens when a person who is depressed puts on a happy face when facing loved ones. However, this can be overwhelming over time and cause the person to slip and show signs of sadness or loneliness.
  • Pessimism and disinterest
    Studies suggest that individuals with depression often have a more negative outlook on the future. People who are depressed may display a trait called “depressive realism” wherein they are realistic about their situation and how much control they have. Being more pessimistic or realistic than the average person may be a sign of depression, especially if they exhibit other symptoms.

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