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Differentiating ADHD and Autism


Some people get confused between ADHD and autism. Autism often gets misdiagnosed as ADHD and vice versa. The two being neurodevelopmental disorders can be one reason for confusion. Other similarities include symptoms like difficulty maintaining interpersonal relations, struggling with routines, and having intense interests. To distinguish autists from people with ADHD, listed below are their differences:

  • Both struggle with routines but for different reasons. Autists rely strictly on routines because they prefer repetition. Sudden changes surrounding the routine make the autist heavily stressed. Conversely, individuals with ADHD can’t stick to the same routine for long. Our mental health services in Arizona can help in establishing a specialized routine for each condition.

  • In autism, the social difficulty is due to the lack of social skills like having eye contact, reading verbal and social cues, and initiating interactions. ADHD, on the other hand, is mainly rooted in impulsivity, inattention, and hyperactivity. Both conditions can be improved through social skills training from a behavioral health provider.

  • When it comes to communicating, a typical autist struggles with expressing themselves, while a person with ADHD often interrupts other people talking. The respective behavior can be corrected through behavioral health services in Phoenix, Arizona.

  • Autism is diagnosed earlier than ADHD. Autism in children can be diagnosed before three years old, and some symptoms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be detected as early as 18 months old. In contrast, the earliest diagnosis of ADHD can be made at four years old. Most symptoms of ADHD appear before the age of 12.

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