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Mental Disorders vs. Psychological Disorders


In our previous blog, we differentiated between mental and behavioral health, which is which and what is what. Today, we will be tackling the difference between mental disorders and psychological disorders. And as a provider of mental health services in Arizona, we must educate you about these two.

People often use mental and psychological disorders synonymously and interchangeably. We see articles that use mental disorders in the first paragraph, then psychological conditions in the next. And as a behavioral health provider, we do this, too. It is because the terms mental disorder and psychological disorder are the same. They mean the same thing—they refer to illnesses that are caused not by damage or malfunction to the nervous system.

The only distinction between them is this. Psychological disorder is a technical term that medical and psychological professionals often use. On the other hand, mental disorders or mental illness is a term commonly used by everyone. Though, the correct term is psychiatric illnesses or disorders.

Whatever the term, we here at Amani Behavioral Health Services LLC will help you achieve mental wellness with our behavioral services in Arizona. For us, what matters is helping you heal and achieve peace of mind.

Avail of behavioral health services in Phoenix, Arizona, today, and free yourself from the shackles of psychiatric illnesses.

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