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Mental Fatigue: What It Is and What It Means


Our minds never rest – whether we are at home, at work, or even when we sleep with our dreams. Our thoughts, feelings, and worries occupy our minds and it is not a wonder why we feel tired up there – especially when we are putting our minds over so much work.

By definition, mental fatigue is the feeling of lack of energy, tiredness, or weariness. A common association of mental fatigue is feeling sleepy but it is not. Drowsiness is not mental fatigue – one can have enough sleep but still feel a lack of motivation or energy. In some cases, however, drowsiness can be a symptom of mental fatigue.

It is interesting to note that mental fatigue is a way our body communicates with us. Mental fatigue can be felt after emotional stress, physical activity, boredom, lack of sleep, and others. Under normal conditions, this signal tells us the body has been doing too much work than we can. This response tells us to slow down, pause, and recover the energy we have spent.

However, mental fatigue especially one that seems chronic or persists even after sleeping or resting may be a sign of something else. Get a professional to assess your case.

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