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The Professionals Behind Behavioral Health Services


When you are familiar with the various professionals behind the treatment for behavioral health services, you know which professional to get help from in varying situations. From diagnosis and prescription to counseling and therapy, no single professional can do it all. Get to know the various behavioral health provider who plays a crucial role in mental, psychological, and behavioral health services by reading the list below:

  • Psychiatrists are medical doctors who assess the psychological condition of a person, encompassing the mental and physical aspects. These doctors specialize in mental health, provide a diagnosis of mental illness, and prescribe medications as well. Like typical doctors, they also have a specialization. Among the areas of specialization are child and adolescent psychiatry, geriatric psychology, forensic psychiatry, and substance abuse therapy.

  • Psychologists hold a doctorate and are not medical doctors. These professionals study the cognitive, social, and behavioral aspects to make a psychological evaluation. They either engage in psychotherapy, counseling, or research. Some kinds of psychologists are developmental, counseling, comparative, cognitive, and clinical psychologists.

  • Social workers are trained in assisting individuals and communities. They intervene in harmful situations like abuse, respond to urgent situations like mental health emergencies, offer child support services, and even assist people to cope with anxiety, social, economic, and physical problems.

Licensed professional counselors are well-versed in both counseling and psychology. These professionals provide mental health services in Arizona, like counseling and psychotherapy. Their goal is to improve an individual’s personal growth, lower stress, and assist in making sound decisions.

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