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Why Is It Difficult to Get Psychiatry Help


In the present, we have the technology to connect us with professionals despite the distance and lack of connection. In the present, we have more access to more information that can help us learn what is what or who is who. In the present, we have more visibility on what is happening or what “could” be happening to others.

And yet, why? Why is it still complicated to get help for the sake of our minds?

Many barriers can prevent us from getting the help that we need. Recognizing what is stopping us can help us fight back and claim the help we deserve. Some people blame themselves for the confusion or difficulty they are facing – and that justifies their suffering. It does not. Some purposely avoid the discussion to avoid feeling vulnerable. We all have our weaknesses and that makes us humans. Some people may be afraid of the opinion of others. But, what one feels inside is the one significant thought. Some do not know where to start – and this is where we hope to help.

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